Saturday, July 8, 2017

Additional batch of chicks 2017

I ordered frizzle chicks in February and it was a  l   o   n    g   wait till May 19th to pick them up. I ordered three from Houle's in Stillwater. Though I get most of my chick at Egg Plant Urban Farm store, they don't have rare breeds and Houle's always has a rare breed day.

The clerk went in back and came out with three frizzles. They were all the same, which is not what I expected. When I asked her what kind they were, she said, "black." Well, no kidding.

It was just enough time for me to snuggle some Silkie chicks they had. Apparently, the had ordered 25 Silkies and been sent 75.

So of course I bought three.


But, since these are straight run, chances are I will have three roosters. I just hope it's not the ones I'm really getting attached to.

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