Monday, February 8, 2010

More snow and everything frozen shut

Winter has been tough on my flock. The snow is so deep that Pumpkin, my little 14-pound beagle, can now climb over the fence with almost no effort. It is also so deep that I can't open the fence to the run, nor can we chisel out the coop door to shut it at night. It's almost like the chickens are on their own - not that I want it that way. I can't even put leaves down in the run so they can walk around outside.

Despite a winter storm warning and blizzard conditions, I went out with fresh food and water and the biggest little comfort a chicken can get when stuck inside: fresh cedar chips. They smell great and clean it up a little in there.

I also put up (hastily) a new string of Christmas lights as the other string had burned out. Now I can see which chickens are braving the cold and walking around the run.

Myself, I have started Vitamin D and upped my fish oil. Winter is getting the best of us all, I'm afraid.