Thursday, September 2, 2010

Red, Jackie Chan, Wink and Madeline Albright

Woefully misnamed, Madeline Albright turns out to be a rooster. So do Wink and Jackie Chan. They are joining Melissa's flock, recently reduced significantly by a fox or a coyote. So Squirt is now officially the youngest, and only, chick in the flock. She will do OK, but I feel like I did when I sent my daughter off to kindergarten. ("Bye! Things will be OK! Have fun! You'll do fine!")

We sent Red to Melissa's flock as well. She had been relentlessly mean to Blanche - actually pinning her down to pick on her. I've had to squirt her with a garden hose to get her to stop. As Marcy said, "Ever since Peanut died, Red has been a jerk." I had a stronger four-letter word for her, so Marcy said it well, in a G-rated way. I hope she will be happier in a new flock. She's beautiful and I hope she finds a new Peanut.

Twelve to fourteen is the chicken-to-ground ratio my husband says works best for our run. We are now at 13 and it feels right.

Legs Goes Broody for an Hour or So

Found Legs sitting on eggs that were bigger than her.

Another Visitor

This is our 4th or 5th hawk to swing by for a chicken dinner. Since the run is covered, they quickly figure out that there is no drive through (dive through?) and fly off.

Blanche and I Come to an Understanding

Growing up in a big family, I understand the need for alone time. So when I see that being a flock member is too much for her, I let Blanche out the coop door. At the end of the day, I open the door and she walks back in.

She mostly hangs out in the tree above the run, or outside the fence that is the run. But still. She's alone. Kind of. I get it. It's like being alone in your room in a big house full of noisy people. Crank the Journey and tune out for a while.