Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blanche finally settles in

Last week, Blanche stayed out for 4 days or so. As usual, she never went anywhere. I usually found her in the pine tree directly above the run. I think she finally figured out that it's warmer in the run, with other chickens. She doesn't fly up in my face to try to escape now. She does look the worse for wear - disheveled and unkempt as far as chicken appearances go. But at least she's with the rest of the flock and is trying to blend.

Today I understand

Yesterday was so cold that we didn't open the coop door to let the chickens outside. Today, we could. But despite adding fresh cedar chips, there is no denying that the coop stinks.

Whenever I mentioned that we were thinking of getting chickens, people raised with them would object. "They stink." "Why would you want them?" "They're stupid and smelly." The only person who ever seemed to like chickens was my friend Pat. When I gave her some eggs, she told me good memories of coming home from school and collecting and washing eggs.

I figured that people who were raised with chickens probably had 200 chickens. Then there would be no way to manage the smell and the smell is horendous.

Now, I get it. Of course, I still love having chickens. But WHEW, the smell!

RIP Peanut

I found our little Peanut dead today. I don't know what happened. I do know her comb and waddle were getting lighter and lighter, bleaching more and more. I think that's a sign of aging. I am sure Red will miss her, as do we.