Tuesday, June 2, 2009


In the third grade classes at my daughter's elementary school, they were hatching chicks in a big Rubbermaid bin with a hot light on them. I found out it was a third grader's Mom, Sam, who had set up the project. I called her. Where do you get the eggs? Do you keep the chicks? If so, how do you house them? If not, where do they go?

Sam reports that eggs are from the Murray McMurray hatchery. Hatched chicks go to a guy. Would I like to meet a woman who has a flock here in the city? Oh, yes!

Went to meet Lori. Her coop is solid as a fallout shelter, and houses six hens. Sam is thinking of adopting the hens, as Lori, recently widowed, wants to travel. We meet the hens. Marcy falls in love with Ginger (above). I fall in love with Coco. A hen named Stretchie gives us the stink eye. I tell Lori we have seven chicks at home under hot lights in a city recycling bin. She wonders if we would like to adopt hers, as Sam isn't fully committed yet. Oh, yes!

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