Friday, June 5, 2009

Duck or a shoe store

When we went to get our replacement chicks yesterday, there was a lone baby duck running back and forth in a big bin, honking, honking, honking. Naturally, I assumed he was lonely and needed a good home, which I, of course, could provide. (Never mind that I know nothing about ducks. I can learn, right?) I ask about this duck, who stands straight up and down and looks like the kind of thing Smith & Hawken would make a garden statuary of. (See sampled yellow guy above.)

"No, he's fine. Somebody will be in here soon to get him."


I tell my friend Kim that I will have to cut down on my trips to the farm store: it's just too tempting to bring another animal home. She laughs and says that for some women it's the shoe store, for me, I guess, the farm store.

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