Saturday, May 6, 2017

Lost another

Yuki Nagouchi was not looking good and I decided to bring her indoors as I did with Gandalf. She seemed low on energy, her comb was fading and she was a bit spacy. She still was eating a little, and moving about a little. When I picked her up to bring her indoors and as I was carrying her in, she tried to flap her wings, then looked up. She shut her eyes, her neck then went slack and she was gone.

You can imagine how surprised I was.

On the one hand, I feel guilt. Should I have brought her in sooner? Should I have brought her to the vet, who I didn't think would be able to help?

On the other hand, she died in my arms while I was trying to help her.

I'll never know. But my beautiful California White is gone. That's two out of three from that batch of hens. 😟

She died in my arms. :-(

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