Monday, April 24, 2017

Frizzles, no frizzles - 2016 chicks

Spring of 2016

I ordered three Frizzles from Houle's yet they never arrived. The hatchery bought new incubating equipment and was having trouble actually having it work. 

So after work, I played a little game with myself. I said If the light's green, Ill go through it and stop at Egg Plant to see if they have chicks. If they have chicks, if they have an Australorp, a California White and a Barred Rock, I'll get them. 

The light was green. 

They had those chicks. Plus, an extra Auracana. 

So, here's Yuki Noguchi, Sylvia Pogiolli the second, CC and Kidderfriend Carmel.

Kidderfriend Carmel is named after a coworker. There's a thing going around that your first pet's name and the street you crew up on would be your porn name. His would be Kidderfriend Carmel. Mine would be Starr Starr. 😕 I know.

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