Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's minus 5

But friendship knows no temperature bounds. Ayd Mill Road keeps Blanche company and keeps her warm, even in subzero wind chills.

There have been a lot of posts on our Twin Cities Chickens google group lately regarding cold weather. Favorites include:

  • Check under a hen's wing to determine if they are warm enough
  • Add gallon jugs of hot water inside the coop to raise the temperature
  • Wrap the run in plastic to encourage them to still go outside (essential for Blanche)
I have another to add: All that food in your freezer that is no longer identifiable? Bake it on a cookie sheet and serve it up warm to your hens. You get a clean freezer and the chickens get a little warmth in their bellies.

It warms my heart that Blanche has someone. We all need somebody, right?

Blanche and friend. If anyone has a name to suggest that is better than Ayd Mill Road, please let me know.

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