Sunday, September 9, 2012

Use your imagination on this one

Two men working on electrical. One daughter only somewhat engaged. Three dogs. One dentist and vet appointment. And a Chicken Coop Tour going on. That's why I have no photos to post! We had probably over 100 people stop by yesterday - a steady stream of people, from apartment dwellers with plans for the future to fellow coop owners. Questions about insulation. Questions about roosters. Funny stories about roosters. Questions about noise. Smell. Breed-specific questions. Information on hand-mixed feed. All kinds of questions and all kinds of information. Even invitations to parties!

It was a gorgeous, 70-something day and lots of fun. At one point, every person in the yard was wearing a coop tour T-shirt. That's the picture I wish I had taken - so pretend that's what you're seeing here. Good times!

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